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Tibetan-series one, 51*68cm, lithography, 1991

These Tibetan Series works were the graduation artworks of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1990 to 1991. Prior to this, I have made some abstract ink lithograph works, then my teacher suggested  that I could draw some realistic works to reflect my painting skills. Once to sketch experience in Tibet I took a lot of photos of Tibetans, which made me  observe Tibetans in human nature rather than religion closely. I can not escape from their faces and eyes, and ultimately I choose Tibetan portrait  to create these group of  artworks with realistic technique.

Tibetan-series two, 48.5*60cm, lithography, 1991

Tibetan-series three, 49*63cm, lithography, 1991

Tibetan-series four, 52*62cm, lithography, 1991

Plateau series one, 53*42cm, lithography, 1991

Plateau series two, 53*42cm, lithography, 1991

Plateau series three, 53*42cm, lithography, 1991

Walking Elephant, 53*42cm, lithography, 1988

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